“The Fitness Marvel” is a TGA-certified, all natural weight loss and fitness supplement that
supercharges your body’s fat loss process and maximizes your diet and exercise results.

Myopep is a protein, peptide or series of amino acids that has a pharmaceutical grade effect in human muscle and adipose fat function.  Myopep is a proprietary amino acid complex that has been sequenced, patented and clinically proven to enhance muscle glucose utilization and growth, while reducing the production of fat.
Myopep can be used for type 2 diabetes related weight issues, obesity related weight loss and for muscular enhancement and sports medical rehabilitation.  Myopep may be taken for maximum effect and must be repeated to sculpt the physique to desired satisfaction.  Like Hormone Replacement Therapy, Myopep increases muscular definition, waist reduction and blood sugar control can be achieved within days of initial treatment.
Muscular/Body building enhancement: it has long been sort to find and equivalent to anabolic steroid effects on body sculpting without the side effects. This effect is easily achieved using myopep alone with no side effects, withdrawal or adverse reactions.  Weight loss or slimming programs do not take into account getting out of a metabolic slow down rut that makes all diets difficult. Toxins cause metabolic changes that are often easily overlooked.
Step slimming into high gear with Myopep the metabolic transformer. It does not just burn fat, it turns it into muscle.  RMS has developed a supplemented therapeutic peptide or amino acid that shifts metabolism into overdrive causing up to 15kg of weight loss in 10 weeks or less.