What will you learn?

As part of our Weight Loss Programs, by analyzing your genetic code, along with answers to a lifestyle questionnaire, the Pathway Fit report gives you the power to understand your metabolism, eating behaviors, and your response to exercise, as well as the best ways to reach and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Our program will help you:

– Understand your metabolism and dietary traits

– Optimize the effects of physical activity and exercise

– Enhance the nutritional balance of your diet

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  • Diet

    fit diet1

    Personalize your diet with genetics. The way we eat, how our bodies process foods, and our overall health are impacted by our genetics. Scientific studies have shown that the consumption of particular nutrients may turn certain genes on or off. Diet results are calculated to help select the best diet for you.

  • Eating Behaviors


    Eating behaviors can have as much effect on health as our diet. Some of our behaviors are influenced by our genetics. Through the Pathway Fit report, we describe certain genetic markers that are associated with eating behaviors, such as excessive snacking and difficulty feeling full. With this information, you and your physician can modify your lifestyle to achieve ultimate wellness.

  • Food Reactions

    Food Reactions

    Your genetics may impact how your body responds to some foods. We report on genetic markers associated with caffeine metabolism, bitter and sweet taste sensitivity, as well as lactose intolerance and alcohol flush.

  • Nutritional Needs

    natural needs

    Vitamins are an important part of your health. The Pathway Fit report includes genetic markers associated with your likelihood of having lower levels of certain vitamins, such as folate and vitamins A, B2, B6, B12, C, D and E.

  • Exercise


    Exercise has long been shown to provide many health benefits. Your genes can affect how you respond to exercise – your chances of losing weight, improving your cholesterol levels, and other health benefits. Pathway Fit also reports on how your genetics may influence your exercise performance.

  • Your Body and Weight

    Body and Weight

    Your weight can be influenced by many genes. The Pathway Fit report includes genetic markers associated with metabolism, the tendency to regain weight after losing weight, as well as predisposition for obesity.

  • Metabolic Health Factors


    Good metabolic health can prevent serious health conditions. Your report includes genetic markers that are used to calculate your likelihood for having decreased HDL (good) cholesterol levels, as well as elevated LDL (bad) cholesterol, blood sugar and triglyceride levels. All of these are indicators of adverse metabolic health, which are precursors to various health conditions, including coronary artery disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

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